Mrs. Barbara J. Crayton

Mrs. Barbara J. Crayton was born on 24 August 1947 and deceased on 16 September 2007. Barbara is survived by her husband Mr. Joe Crayton. Barbara was employed at the Headquarters Texas Air National Guard on 8 November 1972 and retired on 30 September 2000. Barbara was the first African American to be hired at Camp Mabry in other than a janitorial position. During this period she worked her way up from an Administrative Clerk to Chief of Administration, Texas Air National Guard. She was the forerunner in moving the Headquarters Texas Air National Guard from a paper environment to the new automated office systems. Her duties included such functions as: researching, writing, designing and editing publications such as brochures, forms, manuals and charts; developing and presenting graphs and written summaries. Her work was performed with unlimited latitude exercising her own independent judgment.

When it came to records management there was no one more qualified than Barbara. Her outlook was to ensure that all publications and regulations were readily available with the latest updates. She was a strong advocate in developing and presenting training materials to Headquarters staff in a way that everyone could understand. Barbara was also well known across the state in coordinating meetings and activities between the Headquarters, Wings and Geographically Separated Units (GSU's). She was always positive and used her experience and dedication in planning special meeting and conferences with advisory councils, and public, state, and federal government groups. She worked with General Willie Scott's wife on the production of a play depicting the early history of Texas and also acted in the play. They performed not only at Camp Mabry but also at various functions around Texas.

Barbara was the hub for information to the customer. She was extremely efficient and always completed all of her duties in an outstanding manner. Through the years she kept abreast of new trends and policies and ensured the Headquarters was current in the development of information systems. Barbara was exceptionally trustworthy in regard to security of information ensuring only a need to know basis was established. She effectively managed programs and time for herself and others with modesty and dedication. Barbara trained many administrative technicians on the responsibilities associated with the information management career field. She was a confident and mentor for many of the minorities that followed her. Her responsibilities exceeded that of any skilled technician as her position encompassed the careers and management responsibilities of her colleagues and civilian counterparts. The information she processed supported every facet of the Texas Air National Guard and her duties were the foundation of organized management practices regarding Air National Guard information processing. Her professional and technical capabilities were an indispensable aspect of the Air National Guard mission which fosters great pride in the world of Information Management. Barbara leaves a great legacy for all Information Managers to emulate. She was without a doubt an invaluable member of the Headquarters Texas Air National Guard's team. Her accomplishments reflect the highest credit on herself and the Texas Air National Guard.

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Mrs. Barbara J. Crayton